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Resin Experiments

Using a combination of the laser cutter, CNC router, paint and a clear resin to create different types of outcomes.

  1. The characters were laser cut and painted before resin was added using surface tension to hold it to the shape (mostly).
  2. The Tui were made on the laser cutter with a deep etch, painted and then then filled with resin.
  3. The pendants were cut from NZ Rimu on the CNC router, a printed image was put in the base and resin applied over top.

Lessons learned:

  1. Resin escapes from nano gaps and will run away if given the chance.
  2. Resin responds well to surface tension. Sometimes too well.
  3. Painted areas become quite vibrant under resin
  4. A CNC router can fire a piece of NZ Rimu a very long way when things go wrong. Safety glasses.
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