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The projects completed at ZYPE Design tend to move between digital, physical and educational depending on our current focus; and are a mixture of customer work and professional development. The aim is usually to experiment with and learn new tools, techniques and processes and then apply them to project work. Often the projects become products or are used to help others working through the same process.

NZGSE Web Application: Interns - Adding Lessons

NZGSE Paging Application

New Zealand Graduate School of Education is a private teachers college in Christchurch, New Zealand that focuses on: teacher training […]

3D Printing with resin

Moving forwards with 3D printing and into the World of DLP (digital light processing) printing using UV reactant resins we

Magnet Sets

Using the designs from the 3D printed cookie cutters and following on from the Christmas ornaments these magnets were made on the

Christmas Ornaments

Using the designs from the 3D printed cookie cutters these ornaments were made on the Emblaser 2 laser cutter from

Resin Experiments

Using a combination of the laser cutter, CNC router, paint and a clear resin to create different types of outcomes.

Laser Cut Paint Rack

Laser cutting allows for Designers to work through prototypes quickly to produce custom outcomes. These paint racks are an example

3D Printed Miniature Terrain

Using Blender 3D to create simple, modular terrain pieces for an imaginary Cyberpunk tabletop game. The exercise was about keeping

DigiAwards Fabrication

DigiAwards Trophies

The Grow Waitaha DigiAwards is an annual Digital Technologies competition for primary age students. Over the last few years ZYPE Design

Native Bird Coffee Stencils

These coffee stencils were designed following experiments with laser cutting and a desire to make our daily coffee a little

Laser Cut Acrylic Stencils

This project was an experiment with laser cutting acrylic on an Emblaser 2 diode laser cutter to get a feel for

Wood and Laser Cutting

Creating simple boxes and breakfast trays and then using the laser cutter to add some detail that would otherwise be

CNC Router

Larger wooden projects like signs are great for CNC routing and are often quick to produce. We use an X-Carve

EVA Foam Helmet

This project was an experiment with EVA foam, laser cutting, airbrushing and an exploration of Cosplay and potential theatre related

Tealight Candle Holder

This candle holder was created using the X-Carve CNC Router and made out of left over Kwila decking timber. Designed

Vinyl Cutting

Matching graphic design with a vinyl cutter allows Designers to quickly produce details for clothing or other fabric products. These

Arcade Machine

Arcade Machine

The arcade machine was built as an experiment with a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and to explore a project idea

Making It

Making It designs, makes and sells 3D printed cookie cutters in a wide range of shapes. The cookie cutters are

Mairehau Riding Centre

The Mairehau Riding Centre provides riding instruction and lessons to children from the age of 6; for complete beginners to more established

Web Site: 8People

8People was developed alongside teacher training at the NZ Graduate School of Education as a way to individualise professional learning

3D Printed Cookie Cutters

Starting from the humble beginnings of a ladybird themed 1st birthday party the Making It brand has developed to include

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