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The Original Idea

ZYPE was originally created by Josh in August 2001 as a way to promote user interaction and accessibility in the software design process and focus on using web standards. This, along with a strong open source focus allowed ZYPE to work with a wide range of companies and develop partnerships with local software development companies, primarily working on web based applications and web sites.

In 2005 Josh trained as a secondary teacher and has focused on teaching Design process usually under the guise of a Technology teacher specialising in Digital Technologies. The teaching resources are available on this site along with articles written alongside course development.

ZYPE Design as it is now

ZYPE is a design company with experience applying design process to a wide range of media and contexts. The current areas of focus are:

  1. Education:
    • Teaching resources with the aim to provide teachers with up to date skills in a format they can quickly use in class. Designed by Josh with the end goal of using them if/when he enters teaching again the hope is that other teachers will find them of value.
    • Project-based learning within the Technology curriculum and with a focus on teaching design process to secondary students.
  2. Web Design with a focus on interface and interaction design
  3. Physical prototyping: a new area of interest with a focus on rapid testing of ideas using CNC tools (3D printers, routers, laser cutters) and light media (cardboard, wood, foam, resin, acrylic).

Design Process

ZYPE recognises the benefits of following a design process on all projects and is experienced in a range of approaches that are applied as applicable to the requirements of the project:

Design Thinking

For larger projects or those where the outcome needs to iterate to clearly identify requirements we use Design Thinking and increasingly, Liberatory Design (based on the work from the DesignSchoolX) to focus on equity in our solutions. The variations of this follow this structure:

  • Notice: practicing self-awareness of one’s own identity, values, emotions, biases, assumptions and situated-ness
  • Empathise:  using specific empathy methods to learn more about the needs of the users
  • Define: develop a clear understanding of the needs of the community and focus the project
  • Ideate: generating as wide a range of inclusive solution as possible
  • Prototype: use solutions from Ideation and produce tangible objects or experiences to test specific questions and refine ideas
  • Test: using the prototypes to gather feedback and explore successes and areas of refinement
  • Reflect: an ongoing phase that allows us as Designers to review our actions and intentions as we make decisions

Linear process

We use this process for smaller customers who need a fixed cost and a clearly defined project scope. It has proven to be a great approach for smaller web sites and graphic design projects and follows this structure:

  • Analysis: identifying and defining the elements of the project.
  • Conceptual: defining the user goals, user interaction, application structure, functional requirements and visual styles as appropriate.
  • Build: building the final solution described in concept design.
  • Review: Testing and quality assurance phase.
  • Delivery: Completing the project and delivering it to the client.

At ZYPE there is also a strong belief that Designers of all types make a great team when they work closely and a strong emphasis is placed on methods for interaction between Designers working in different media. We encourage crossover and teaching each other new skills.

Josh Campbell

  • Role: Director/Designer
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor of Arts – Design Studies
    • Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Experiences:
    • Teacher: Te Aratai College
    • Learning Specialist: Christchurch Libraries
    • Teacher: Rolleston College
    • Design Fellow: School of Product Design (University of Canterbury)
    • Teacher: Burnside High School
    • EdTech Educator: The Mindlab
    • Teacher: Linwood College
    • Designer: Catalyst IT
    • Web Designer: Egressive Limited
    • Teacher – Hagley Community College
  • Mastodon: https://mastodon.nz/@lightshow
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/lightshow
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-campbell-55b1674/
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