Cascading Style Sheets: Getting started with CSS3

This resource is designed as an extension for Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to Building Web Sites (available through User Friendly Resources) and introduces a set of styles made available by the CSS 3.0 working draft.

Students who have got their heads around the basics of markup and stylesheets can easily extend their work by adding styles for drop shadows, rounded corners, external fonts, gradients. These simple styles reduce the requirement for heavy image manipulation and are known to gracefully degrade in browers lacking suitable support.

For the teachers the resource includes a reference sheet of the final XHTML and CSS as well as working examples of all styles covered.

Note: You will need access to a recent version of one of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. At the time of writing the Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers only support the @font-face rule making them useful comparisons to those browsers that do have support for the CSS rules covered.

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