About ZYPE

The Original Idea

ZYPE was originally created by Josh in August 2001 as a way to promote user interaction and accessibility in the software design process and focus on using web standards. This, along with a strong open source focus allowed ZYPE to work with a wide range of companies and develop partnerships with local software development companies, primarily working on web based applications and web sites.

... then Josh had a stint as a secondary teacher, had a great time, left to get back into web design, then back to teaching. Designers!

ZYPE as it is now

ZYPE is a design company. The designers here live and breath the design process and can apply it to a wide range of media and contexts. We love it.

The company has become a way for us to be our wonderful creative selves while providing for a way to sell our work as and when it becomes worthy. The current areas of focus are:

  1. Teaching resources with the aim to provide teachers with up to date skills in a format they can quickly use in class. Designed by Josh with the end goal of using them if/when he enters teaching again the hope is that other teachers will find them of value
  2. Clothing that is made locally and then sold. This is an area we'd love to see grow.
  3. Craft that comes from the mind of Cynthia as she learns new techniques and skills. The best bits always seem to end up being sold but we keep some as well.
  4. 3D Printed Cookie Cutters in the form of MakingIt, a brand dedicated to Cynthia's cookie cutter empire.

Design Philosophy

ZYPE recognises the benefits of following a design process on all projects and while this process is kept flexible it follows this basic form:

  • Analysis: identifying and defining the elements of the project.
  • Concept Design: defining the user goals, user interaction, application structure, functional requirements and visual styles as appropriate.
  • Development: building the final solution described in concept design.
  • Review: Testing and quality assurance phase.
  • Delivery: Completing the project and delivering it to the client.

At ZYPE there is also a strong belief that Designers of all types make a great team when they work closely and a strong emphasis is placed on methods for interaction between Designers working in different media. We encourage crossover and teaching each other new skills.


The Designers at ZYPE are somewhat agnostic about tools. On the computer front, we have a mix of open source and proprietary tools as required by the job. Josh works on Linux and uses tools available there for developing web sites and themes. Cynthia is OSX based and thinks Adobe products are the bees-knees. We even have a Windows XP machine lying around somewhere. The sewing machine is proprietary and a little dated but our local manufacturers have awesome machines.

Other than that, we're pretty standard New Zealanders doing our thing and generally keeping out of harms way.


Cynthia Packman

  • Role: Designer
  • Qualifications: BA - Design
  • Experience:

    Educational resources,
    Print design,

  • Interests:

    Making stuff
    3D printed cookie cutters
    Black Sabbath
    Feeding Josh

Josh Campbell

  • Role: Director/Designer
  • Qualifications: BA - Design, Diploma of Teaching
  • Experience:

    Teacher: Burnside High School
    EdTech Educator: The Mindlab
    Teacher: Linwood College
    Designer: Catalyst IT
    Web Designer: Egressive Limited;
    Teacher - Hagley Community College;
    ZYPE Limited - Director, Designer

  • Interests:

    Web design
    Clothing design
    Ice hockey
    Making things out of wood